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Updated October 7,1998

Well, by now, you guys that have visited my site a few times should know whats up.  If you don't, don't worry, U didn't miss much.  Basically, I added a few midi's and I added some javascript.  So enjoy.
I basically changed the backgrounds and left the muzik alone.  I will try to update more often and add more and more javascript as i learn it.  But for now, peace out.

Anyway lets get to those Midi's, but first I think that all of you should sign my Guestbook located at the bottom of tha page.   I  should see Beedawg, Mizatt and some other important peoples in there right guys??  (CAUTION:  MY IMAGE PAGE MAY TAKE A FEW SECONDS TO A FEW MINUTES TO LOAD.  IT'S WORTH IT THOUGH.)

Other Midi's


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